About Us


How It Started

We are a family of pet-lovers and young parents that face many problems taking care of our kids and furkids.

Understanding the troubles every parents & pawrents faced, we started searching for a suitable product to solve our problems (giving up on our pets is never an option for us).

After months of searching, we did not find any suitable products for our needs in the Singapore market. It is either extremely expensive or not really suitable for baby environment & sensitive skin problems, thus we expand our search overseas. 

Finally, with much effort, we finally found what we are searching for, a product that has zero side effects on the skins (safe for babies) & Sensitive skin problems,  environment friendly and extremely effective! 

Knowing that the local market does not have similar products, we make the choice to start distributing the Japan Technology 100% Electrolyzed Water so that the local market can benefit from the eco-friendly product for our kids, furkids & everyday use.

Currently, we are searching for other products and R&D new products that we find it suitable for pets and babies together.  Let’s create a safer & better environment for our next generation and lovely pets!

Please do not abandon your pets for any reason as they will never abandon you in their lifetime.

Brands Promise

We are….

Eco Friendly

Contains not a single trace of Chemical, Alcohol, Toxin & Surfactant.

Our brands of electrolyzed water uses the newest Japan Technology to produce 100% Electrolyzed that does not pollute and harm the environment

Safe & Certified

We only carry safe and highly certified product from trustworthy sources, with many lab test reports and quality assurance certificates to prove it’s safety, effectiveness and product quality

Reasonable Pricing

By bringing you the newest technology to replace all chemical products that are harmful to you, your family and the environment, our company promise to keep the price of the product reasonable to let more people enjoy the revolutionary product

Why Choose Our Product?

Our brands of 100% electrolyzed water is perfect for people and pets who have sensitive skin problems. 

It contains not a single trace of Chemical, Alcohol, Toxin & Surfactant, thus will not trigger any side effect on skins and able to sanitize rash area to remove the bacterias and help in skin recovery.



Disinfecting & Sanitizing

Our brands of products can use on almost all surfaces including babies hands and toys, pets and kitchen environment. They are scientifically proven to remove 99.9% common bacteria and virus that we face every single day.

Make the choice today to have a bacteria and virus free environment, for a healthier life.


Extremely effective to deodorise bad odour. Remove bad smell almost instantly from shirts, shoes, feets, body and any surfaces.

Great for people who are troubled with body odour and smelly feet. 


Save Time and Save Environment

By using our brands of products, you do not need to rinse with water after using our 100% Electrolyzed Water (SAVE WATER), contain not a single trace of Chemical, Alcohol, Toxin and Surfactant (NO POLLUTION) and it is extremely easy to use and non messy after use (SAVE TIME).



Power la! Den Den Mizu clean my shoes until machiam(as though) like new. OMG, for jelly shoes damn good. All my expensive shoes, heels and flats become new!!!

I tried it on my watches and now all my watches look like new!!! I love Den Den Mizu

Amelia Yang

I dare not clean my microwave and oven with dishwasher or detergent as i am a afraid the chemical will contaminate the food.  Now with EcoMagic, all my kitchen appliance is so clean that my 4 years old microwave looks like it is new!

Highly recommended to maintain your appliances clean and free of bacteria, save you lots of money to buy new appliances! (Translated from Chinese)

Mdm Teo

Hi pawfriends! Check out this new Japan Technology Water Sanitizer! It’s Eco-friendly, Removes Bacteria, Virus, Dirt and Odour! It doesn’t include chemical, alcohol and surfactants. Mummy anna tried this out on me and it works well, I am not licking my paws too~ you can take a look at my photo behind (FB post) my paws are soooo clean! You have a 100% to trust P.A.W.S!……

Anna Lim