For Furry Friends


The One Product for almost all your pet’s needs!

The lifesaver for your furkids with sensitive skin and busy pawrents who want to effectively eliminate bacteria, virus, odour and skin problems from their pet!

Safe without a single trace of Chemical, Alcohol, Toxin and Surfactant! P.A.W.S is suitable for all pets including kittens, puppies, hamster, rabbit and more.

Prevent dust adhesion, relieve skin irritation and use it on your pet’s body, paws, toys, cage, bed, sofa and so on!

It is safe and has zero side effects on us and our environment. Highly recommended to use P.A.W.S for your furry kids if you have baby/kids at home.

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Say Bye Bye to:
1. Pets Sensitive Skin Problems
2. Fungal and Yeast Infections
3. Dirty Paws After Reaching Home
4. Ear Wax Build-Up
5. Smelly and Dirty Pet After Nature Calls
6. Urine Stain and Saliva Stain on Furniture
7. Pesticides related problems
8. Huge bill from Vets!
9. Expensive water bill (P.A.W.S = No Need to Rinse)

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300 ml, 4 litre